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Windy Hill was indeed windy

Well the weather man said that the afternoon was to brighten up with showers for North West Scotland. Mmmm what to do. Time to cross the border into East Renfrewshire to see just how windy it really would be on Windy Hill. As we were driving up to Clyde Muirshiel Park it started to look quite ominous. The weather man was wrong. The heavens opened. Thankfully by the time we parked up the shower had been blown over and there was even a patch of blue sky, so off we headed. It really is a cracking wee wander, just 1km to the top and they have a lovely woodland poetry trail to keep you entertained too. Soon enough we were out the wood and we could tell the wind was really picking up. It was with no great surprise that we were finding it a challenge to remain upright. What I hadn't expected was for my buff to get blown off my head!!!! We had an entertaining time watching these kids having a great time getting blown over. It may have been just a wee wander but it certainly blew the c

Dodging showers

Yet another weekend where the weather is dictating all too much what to do and where to go. Frustrating is putting it mildly. We decided to stay local so it was bikes out and we headed for Eglinton Park . It really is quite handy being so close to the National Cycle Network as it means you're not having to worry about traffic when the wind is gusting a tad more than you feel comfortable riding in. It was nice to get some fresh air and amazingly we didn't get wet.


Was a very strange day yesterday. Bit reminiscent of Groundhog Day . I had my 6 month post op review by my orthopaedic consultant. Went pretty much the same as the 3 month one. See you again in 3 months. If only bodyparts were as easily replaced as worn out gear.

Stormy weather

Felt like one of those storm chaser bods and the photos don't really do it justice. Sometimes you just have to go out there and feel the power of nature.

Goldenberry Hill - baby steps

The weather has been dreich for yonks and I was starting to get a bit stir crazy so we grabbed that very narrow weather window of opportunity before we got engulfed by even more stonkingly dreich weather. The latest physio regime is to maintain my baseline to minimise any aggravation so it was time to bag another local HuMP with the perfect distance Goldenberry Hill. There is limited parking on the road at Ardneil Farm but we were fortunate as there was only one other car there. It was very blustery as we set off and knew it wasn't going to ease off. There is a good track practically all the way to the top which you can't miss due to the mobile mast station (allright for those on Orange) There is a gate to climb over but nothing too strenuous. Well it was entertaining trying to remain upright and that was only at 140m. Thank goodness we weren't any higher. There is actually quite a lot occupying the summit of this wee hill other than the mast station. To get to the tri


The yearly gathering of Steve's past and present work colleagues was here once more but there was a change. For the first time we were in the East. We were taking advantage of the fact that Ryan now works for Sport Scotland which gave him access (and a wee discount) to accommodation at Glenmore Lodge. It was a bit of a shock to realise that it was winter 2007 when I was last in the area. So many places not enough time and all that. With the knee still not hill fit in any way shape or form I needed to do some research before we went on what my flatish cycling options were. It turned out there are many, though not always so flat. The weather was the next thing, blustery showers were forecast. That altered the plans for the rest of the gang with them deciding to go for a wee jaunt up Meall a Bhuachaille and I decided to have a look at the trails round Loch Morlich and the Rothimurcus Estate .  Looking over Loch Morlich to Meall a Bhuachaille I wasn't sure what to expect but w

A Wake For The Wild

The election may be over but now the battle really begins. With the SNP planning to make Scotland the pioneer of renewable energy like many others I have grave concerns on what this will mean for Scotland's wild places. Alan Sloman has organised a "Wake For The Wild" in the hope that more people are made aware of what more windfarms could mean for some of our most beautiful wilderness. So if you are able to join him I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you.


The lack of posts isn't due to general tardyness. I'm in the middle of sorting out a huge mess of kit and other such stuff. That's what comes from moving house!!! I don't think I can hide my gear problem any more. I'm not sure when it happened. I remember my first proper outdoor kit which amounted to a pair of Zamberland all leather boots worn all year, a Low Alpine triplepoint jacket in orange, Craghopper baselayer and trousers along with a high street shop orange fleece to complete the ensemble. My rucsac was used for everything, not just hill trips. Oh how things have changed. Getting ready for an outing to the hills was certainly a lot simpler back then. It does beg the question, do we have just too much choice of kit now? I admit I love having shiny new stuff which plays a large part in the gear mountain in what was the dining room but I'm finding it very difficult determining what must stay and what can be re-distributed.  In the meantime I'll just m