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Castle Tioram, Moidart

We've really been enjoying getting to know this area.  Moidart and it's surrounds are full of hidden gems.  Castle Tioram is one of them.  I apologise for the many castle photos but we were blown away at the grandeur of the place even it its ruinous state.  When the weather started looking a bit iffy we decided to drive out to Ardnamurchan Point in the hope it would clear over and we'd get a nice sunset.  It was not to be but still a nice place to sit.

Garbh Eilean Hide

We've been on a bit of a mission for a while now and without much success.  What be that mission? - to see an otter in the wild.  We have wiled away many an hour in many locations in search of this elusive creature.  Now here we were in an area that is renound for its otter population.  Surely this would be the time to tick that one of the list. Sunart Woodland Trails had given us what should be the perfect place to achieve our goal, Garbh Eilean Hide.  It's a very impressive set up, fully accessible for disabled too.  The board inside documented there had been recent sightings of our prize.  Would we be lucky................................... not this time.  Ah well, we have a week here so fingers crossed.

Pastures new

It's been four months since I've been back at work and it's time for a holiday.  We struggled to find somewhere that met all the requirements - somewhere new, pub nearby nice cottage with a wood burning stove.  We found a couple of places that came close that will have to be re-looked at when the local hostelries are open.  You gotta love when Scotland closes for winter. Well destination is Moidart.  Not totally new to us but we have never stayed there and looking at the maps we can't wait to explore the hills, bays, bothies and beaches that are going to be on the doorstep.  Just what I need to re-charge the batteries.