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Much has been made of this "staycation" phrase. Some of us have been doing it for years. We're just back from yet another amazing week in Ullapool, details to follow. Suffice to say we all had a great time even though the weather wasn't what we ordered. It's all about what you make of it. 

Flamborough Head

We were back down in Yorkshire recently and we had a rare day where the brothers Morley could have a day out. We even got good weather. I'd never been to Flamborough Head before so we headed north. Steve had it in his head that we should pick up lunch en route from 149 in Bridlington who had recently won National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year. Best laid plans and all that. We got there only to discover that it had just closed. The good luck fairies must have been with me that day as they opened the door to my pathetic peering through the window. They didn't have any fish left but chips were good enough for us but they very kindly offered us what was left. What a result as we came away with fish patties, sausages and fritters. Thank you very much 149 :-) Next stop Flamborough Head where we were greeted with blue sky and sea, gorgeous. We got ourselves comfy and had a fantastic view to tuck into our unexpected lunch which lived up to its reputation. It was time to go for a

Motorist V Cyclist

This article in the Guardian Bike Blog certainly rang true with a few things that have been happening to me recently out on my rehab cycles. I've been riding a bike for over 30 years. During that time I have used it as my main method of getting to work which I've always referred to as "playing with traffic". In all that time I've been lucky and only had three accidents, two of which were due to motorists. The third was me being too aggressive going round a roundabout which was at the bottom of a hill - not big or clever and certainly wised me up to slowing for such things.   What I have noticed over the years is that there is an ever increasing attitude from some motorists to cyclists. There is also the minority of numpty cyclists out there who pay no regard to the rules of the road that get me just as irked as the motorists who refuse to give us the respect we deserve. So many times I have heard the argument "why should cyclists be allowed on the road coz