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A tale of 2 groups - the Glen Nevis Adventures

Winter weather has been very fickle this year.  This week had seen a dump of snow only for it to be mostly washed away.  So we weren't sure what we were going to be doing hill wise for Craggy's stay at the newly refurbished Glen Nevis Hostel . When the decision was taken to go for this date Alan had a cunning plan for doing the Ring of Steall with a few of us thinking of the Aonachs via the Gondola from Nevis Range. However........... Good old mother nature may have given a weather window of opportunity but not really of the kind that meant all the original targets were still in play. 50mph winds and a -5C windchill with snow showers were mentioned.  Backup plans B, C, D  were discussed with the Loch Lochy Munros in sight for Alan, Barry, Eleanor, Malcolm and Roddy.  Steve, Kathryn, Niamh, Susan and myself had the Corbett Beinn Bhan if the gondola was off. The morning arrived and the gondola was on.  Wind can't be that bad.......... or so we thought.  There we

Carn Aosda & The Cairnwell

So........ the plan was the "easy" group of hills to the west of Glenshee Ski Centre.  There are 3 Munros in the route given on Walk Highlands.  Carn Aosda ,  Carn a' Gheoidh  and  The Cairnwell   However.......... the jet stream is currently sitting over Scotland and didn't we know it. The weather when we arrived at Glenshee was better than expected. There was snow at the car pack at 650m but there was also blue sky. That was what lulled us into a false sense of security as we headed to the first target of Carn Aosda. With not enough snow to ski we had te hill to ourselves so just headed directly up one of the ski runs.  As we topped out we were soon getting the full hit of the 50 - 70 mph winds. Discussion quickly ensued on amending the plan. Going back down was the consensus. Even moving off the summit took a lot longer than anticipated as every time we went to move the wind got stronger!!!!!! Once onto the service track we thought we'