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The Stalker Meets the Stalked............

When I started reading "The hills are stuffed with Swedish girls" last year I would never have guessed that ten months later I'd be standing at the top of the Devil's Staircase having a natter with the author. It's been quite a year for Richard Happer . He publishes the humorous love story of three  blokes wandering the West Highland Way but before he knows it he's in the poo with Ordnance Survey. He came up with the  "Justice for Jonesy" theme to defend his book and it just seemed to set my imagination on overload with madcap ideas to get more publicity so I started sending them off to Richard, posting on the blog and generally blethering about it at every opportunity - probably just a wee bit OTT and the last thing that the poor bloke expected. It all turned out OK as OS stopped being total jobsworths and dropped their legal action and Richard had managed to get a second edition for which he decided to have an unusual signing at the top o

Weekend Madness

Well the weather isn't looking as blue sky as I would have wanted but hey ho so long as its no torrential rain we wake up to I'll be happy.  I'm looking forward to catching up with some old friends and eventually meeting some virtual ones too this weekend, for not just the standard hill weekend as we'll be going to the "book signing with altitude..." I suspect it may be an entertaining one.......................

Morley Python

For once all were in agreement, a wee hill jaunt followed by refueling at The Real Food Cafe . It was nearly derailed before it got off the ground as the weather was looking pants. More scouring over the maps - the hill was decided Scron nan Colan. Quite entertaining to be told off by the 16yr old doing her DoE that I didn't have proper footwear on :-D Very soon after she was also commenting on how great it was to be walking with a small pack. Oh from the mouths of babes................. Elaina, Craig, Jennifer & Steve all smiles at the start It turned out to be a great wee hill. OK not the prettiest as its scared by the remains of a led mine but the views more than made up for it. The weather didn't play ball with getting the photo ops but I figure this is a stoater of a spot to get the Lui group. We still had fun in between the showers and thoroughly enjoyed the post walk nosh up :-)

A book signing with a difference...........

No point in me wittering on, here's the story direct from Richard Happer, the author of The hills are stuffed with Swedish girls a book reading...                                                                         . ........... with altitude To celebrate the launch of the new, OS-friendly second edition of his wildly funny novel ʻThe Hills Are Stuffed With Swedish Girlsʼ, author Richard Happer will be holding a very unusual book signing in Glencoe. Date: Saturday 18th September Location: Top of the Devilʼs Staircase Time: from noon Refreshments: yes, sausages So whatʼs the book about then? Three lovesick men (and their cat) who head into the Highlands in search of the mythically hot tourist girls who will surely cure all that ails them. But maybe they find something deeper than that in those wild, romantic and very rainy glens.......... And what do people think of it? “I am a member of staff at The Clachaig Inn in Glencoe, and I've just finished reading yo

Sgorr Dearg & Sgorr Dhonuill and a randoms weekend

When a friend asked if we wanted to go up to Glencoe for the weekend we didn't need to be asked twice. The fact that I was working til 8pm did but a wee bit of a dampener on things but I soon escaped and before I knew it we were in The Real Food Cafe for an impromptu meet up with ptc* and Joyce as well as catching up with Sarah the owner of the RFC. We weren't sure whether Zoe & Maria would still be in The Clachaig but figured it would be criminal not to go in for a pint before bedtime. Well they were still there and it looked like they had accumulated the first "randoms" of the weekend. The craic was very entertaining, when you could understand it. The guys were also planning to do some Munros the next day though 2 of them had never done any whilst the third was a Munro Completer - we were already wondering whether they would achieve their aim for the day!! Before last orders were called we retreated to our various accommodation with the plan to meet the next