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Found yet another gem and although not right on the doorstep it's close enough to start making this a regular destination for a pleasant wander. It really is a compact wee package that has just about everything.Portencross is a wee hamlet at the end of a single track road. It's on the Ayrshire Coastal Path but has a couple of things that make it quite unique. The first is the very obvious Portencross Castle which, unlike many, has been restored and is in use. There was a party when we were there today, not a bad venue. It does get opened up to the public but we'll have to wait a few more weeks before we get the chance to see inside. I love the fact that it has a bench up on its ramparts next to the flagpole with the Saltire for you to appreciate the views over the Firth of Clyde to Arran, Bute, The Cumbraes and beyond. It also has a gorgeous way bay right next to it that when the tide is out has fantastic rock pools to go play in. Last week we were treated to the unusual s

What the....................??????

I thought it was slightly amusing when I saw this the first time. But now as this now almost daily event continues I am starting to wonder what this gull is getting out of knocking the hell out the patio window. Poor Jimmy the gnome is puzzled too....................


With the pootling about on the bike on the flat going OK I decided to set myself a goal. In fact it was going to be a double goal but more on that later. To most of us who live in the west of Scotland at some point during our childhood we'll have been "doon the water" to one of the Firth of Clyde seaside resorts. I've always referred to the I sle of Great Cumbrae as Millport , which is the main settlement on the island, but there is certainly a lot more to Cumbrae than its town. The island lies just off Largs in North Ayrshire with a 10 minute ferry ride to make it all the more exciting. Even better, cycles are free :-) The first goal of the day was to cycle round the island. It's 10.25 miles of mostly flat road and my guide book said it should take approximately 1hr 30m. ................mmmmm wonder how long we'd take? It was a tad nippy as we waited for the ferry at Largs so I ran into the cafe to pick up some coffees to keep us warm on the crossing ove

Kryptonite for the supermoon

If only......... Cloud is being a total spoilsport here. Not even getting a peak of it. Ach well, can't have everything. The link below is very informative though about the whole supermoon thing. Thanks Prof Brian Cox for directing me towards it Kryptonite for the supermoon

Every picture...................

I've been getting used to looking over to Arran but today was a wow moment as the hills were free of cloud and they had their winter hat on still. Well worth sitting back and soaking up the view.

Lunar perigee

If you believe some of the press you'd think that the world is about to end this weekend. OK there are some pretty catastrophic events happening at the moment but blaming the moon is just a bit much. So it's time to hope that the lovely UK weather behaves itself and we can get a chance to get a close up view. And for those who are lucky enough to be out in the wilds enjoying it, I'm not jealous.......................... much Moon shot taken on 16th March 2011 1722

Getting the HuMP

Whatever type of personality you are, at some point during your life you'll have a tick list. I have some friends who can't get through a single day without compiling and ticking their lists. Others are a tad more conventional with their wish lists. Then I have some hillwalking friends who are ticking that ultimate hill list The Munros. That ain't me. There is however a list I have discovered that has pricked my imagination and suits my nonsensical personality - The HuMPs . I came across this website by accident but I was totally sucked in in seconds. I ignored the lists for the Munros and Corbetts but had a wee poke about in the County Tops page to satisfy my curiosity that I had managed to climb to the top of all the counties that I had lived in bar one of the London Boroughs though I do dispute the one for Edinburgh as it's 12 miles from the city centre in the Pentlands and out with what I thought was the city boundary. Then the