Getting the HuMP

Whatever type of personality you are, at some point during your life you'll have a tick list. I have some friends who can't get through a single day without compiling and ticking their lists. Others are a tad more conventional with their wish lists. Then I have some hillwalking friends who are ticking that ultimate hill list The Munros. That ain't me.

There is however a list I have discovered that has pricked my imagination and suits my nonsensical personality - The HuMPs. I came across this website by accident but I was totally sucked in in seconds. I ignored the lists for the Munros and Corbetts but had a wee poke about in the County Tops page to satisfy my curiosity that I had managed to climb to the top of all the counties that I had lived in bar one of the London Boroughs though I do dispute the one for Edinburgh as it's 12 miles from the city centre in the Pentlands and out with what I thought was the city boundary.

Then the HuMPs page really sucked me in. What a great idea to compile a list of hills with a hundred meter drop all round whatever their height is. As there are a few of them and it does take a wee bit of patience to get to the area you want to look at.  Turns out I have already done a few.  So now I am compiling my own modified version of HuMPs to add to my "must do hills" knowing fine well that the likelihood of me ticking them all is about the same odds as me winning the lottery. Still, it's something to aim for..................

Tinto one of Lanarkshire's HuMPs and one of my first hills


  1. .....this is how it starts.

    Seek help. (just bagged my nearest HuMP just outside Penrith.)

  2. I know Mike, well done on getting the local one done

    At least I know my lack of focus is enough to stop it taking over


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