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Expensive Day

Twas a mad day of gallivanting all over Weegieland yesterday to get on top of the "To Do" list. Always a challenge when doing it with a combination of own steam and public transport. Was quite amazed when it checked out to be nearly 40 miles worth! First port of call was to get the bike into Alpine Bikes for a service as I'd had enough of the gears slipping and the breaks being not the best. At times I wish I had the ability to tinker and sort them myself but know that getting the time would be the biggest hurdle. I've had this bike for a few years but have only really used it for the commute to work and the occasional foray off road. I should really get out on the bike more but like everything else there aint enough hours in the day to fit it all in. There's also the fact I'm a bit of a scardy cat offroad .......................... So off down the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath to drop it off. I've done the route to the west out to Balloch a few

99 - Where's my flake?

A few weeks ago when I was updating my hill log on Scottish Hills I noticed that I wasn't far off ticking my 100th Munro. Now for some that's more than a third of the way to completing but for me its just about keeping a record of what hills I've done. It started off as a book I recorded stuff in when I was getting back into walking after the stress fracture of my tibia and needed to know what aggravated it. Steve then introduced me to his Munro spreadsheet ;-) and the hill logger on Scottish Hills, hence I now know how may Munros I've done. When we saw the weather forecast for the weekend it was obvious that East was a better option and after scouring the books plumped for Beinn a' Ghlo. Most of the eastern hills have passed me by as I've preferred the rougher western counterparts but these 3 Munros looked like they could be a nice wee leg stretch. It was 1045 by the time we got to the car park and as normal appeared to be the last to set off though there were