Expensive Day

Twas a mad day of gallivanting all over Weegieland yesterday to get on top of the "To Do" list. Always a challenge when doing it with a combination of own steam and public transport. Was quite amazed when it checked out to be nearly 40 miles worth!

First port of call was to get the bike into Alpine Bikes for a service as I'd had enough of the gears slipping and the breaks being not the best. At times I wish I had the ability to tinker and sort them myself but know that getting the time would be the biggest hurdle. I've had this bike for a few years but have only really used it for the commute to work and the occasional foray off road. I should really get out on the bike more but like everything else there aint enough hours in the day to fit it all in. There's also the fact I'm a bit of a scardy cat offroad..........................

So off down the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath to drop it off. I've done the route to the west out to Balloch a few times but have yet to go any further east than Kirkintiloch. Yet another trip to add to the list of things to do.

Next was out to Rutherglen to see my lovely optician. My eyesight issues are frightening to most high street opticians but David has been keeping check on my eyes for over 15 years. It was a good news bad news situation. My nystagmus had been giving me cause for concern, especially as it slows me down so much on descent but he said its stable and that my continuing to do these challenging hobbies is stopping it from getting any worse :-) Don't get too excited peeps as it aint gonna make me any quicker getting down off the hill though!! The bad news came in my reading vision is getting worse meaning a new set of specs for me :-( As my lenses are so specialised to deal with my very long sightedness, astigmastism and nystagmus adding in the reading thing just put them into the bank loan category. Ah well its only money

Back into town to then get out to Darnley and pick up my hopefully repaired Nokia 5800. I'd heard great things about this phone being all singing and dancing allowing fairly good usability for all things phone & tinternet. Pity mine kept switching itself off in the middle of stuff. Lets hope the repair solves the problem. It says i can even update my blog from it!! ;-)

Finally on the last leg. Just had to get back to the city centre and pick the bike up. "Houston we have a problem.................." News from Alpine Bikes aint good. It appears the gear issue is due to a knackered cassette which will need replaced with all the trimmings. My credit card will be feeling a bit used and abused this month.

Good job I'm not looking to buy any other expensive kit this month ;-)


  1. Hope the bike repairs aren't too expensive. Meet you at the Falkirk Wheel on the canal path for a picnic one of these days.

  2. Not as expensive as a new bike!! Falkirk Wheel, aye that sounds like a plan - we'll just need to co-ordinate diaries!!

  3. My sympathies.

    I had to fork out for glasses this month. I've only needed reading glasses...up until now and am coming to terms with my first pair of varifocals. These were fun when I wore them for the first time whilst standing on the edge of infinity on Sgor Gaoith. Interesting experience.


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