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Aint life strange...........

Lots of things have made me think that life is strange over the years. Some have even made me go out and investigate why the strange thing happens being the nuts & bolts type of gal that I am. Others I thankfully realise are not worth the waste in energy to do anything about. In revisiting the 80's classic " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy " I quite like the idea of its simplicity that we are part of an experiment to find the question to the ultimate answer of 42. Much better than trying to work out all sort of other answers & questions ......................................

Keeping busy

There is a list a mile long of things I should be dealing with while I am incapacitated but even though I can't get out to play, I still can't bring myself to do them. Who in their right minds wants to be filing paperwork or sorting through wardrobes to see what really needs chucked. I found a great distraction - making a calendar for ma mammy's Christmas present. My parents, being typical of their generation  for Lanarkshire, don't really know their home country so I make sure they get to see my photies and at least get a wee peek at what they've missed out on. The only trouble was that I have thousands (and I really do mean thousands) of photos so it took me a wee while of systematically ploughing through them to find the best that I have managed to take. After whittling down to 134 the panel of judges, ie me and Steve, picked out the 12 that made the cut for mammy's calendar. Next step was deciding on the company to produce it. With  so many out there now o


My knee started giving me a bit of jip a while back, I ignored it but when an orthopaedic  consultant colleague of mine noted my limp I let him have a look at it. A scan showed a cartilage tear. It needed to be sorted so on the 8th of November I went in for my arthroscopy. Best laid plans an aw that............................ That simple cartilage tear was easily rectified but I also had an area the size of 10p that was devoid of any cartilage  - not good. My surgeon performed a process known as microfracturing to stimulate regrowth of the non existent cartilage. All being well it should prevent me from needing a knee joint replacement for a good while. In the meantime I've got to be careful with my recuperation. So here we are 4 weeks later with some of the most amazing snow and I canny go out to play, especially not with the way even the pavements are at the moment.. I haven't been totally stuck inside since the op. Steve, my carer ;-) took me for a wander along a snowy