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The Youth Of Today

It was always going to be a busy day. ptc* , Bobinson , Craig & Ian were the reduced WHW FallDoon  Team mountainbiking (former 2) and running (latter 2) Stage 1 from Fort William to Tyndrum. The roadbike component of the Team had pulled out at the eleventh hour but it was still full steam ahead for the others. We had already organised to rendezvous at the ever wonderful Real Food Cafe around teatime ish to hear the tales of the day but before that we had Jamie  to pick up from the airport and introduce him to certainly my favourite hill The Cobbler. It was a crisp morning so I had my usual kit dilemas of "what to wear?" Footware was easy. I'd wanted an excuse to give the 5:10 Camp Fours a UK outing as they'd only been out to play in Italy on some via ferrata. I don't like getting too hot or too cold. Rain wasn't on the cards and I figured it was day oot for the  phd Ultra Vest . I needn't have worried, the sun was shining and dam all in the way

Friends & dugs

As some of you will know I'm a total softie when it comes to animals especially dugs. I would so love to have one of my own but as I'm in a job that makes me work stupidly long hours it just aint practical. I do however have the opportunity to "borrow" my friend's dug. It just so happened that he needed a home for a few days as his usual kennel was full so I got first refusal - bit of a no brainer :-) For living in a city I'm not too bad for getting access to green areas for walking the mutt. I'm seconds from the Forth & Clyde Canal and that takes me along to Dawsholm Park which Luca and I explored extensively. The thing was I wanted to take him for a proper runabout so decided to head for the Kilpatricks. Steve had the kids and unfortunately Jennifer is a bit allergic to dugs so they weren't joining me. I got on the "dog & bone" (corny I know) roping in Sandy & Louise whilst leaving messages for ptc* to come find us on Dou