Friends & dugs

As some of you will know I'm a total softie when it comes to animals especially dugs. I would so love to have one of my own but as I'm in a job that makes me work stupidly long hours it just aint practical. I do however have the opportunity to "borrow" my friend's dug. It just so happened that he needed a home for a few days as his usual kennel was full so I got first refusal - bit of a no brainer :-)

For living in a city I'm not too bad for getting access to green areas for walking the mutt. I'm seconds from the Forth & Clyde Canal and that takes me along to Dawsholm Park which Luca and I explored extensively. The thing was I wanted to take him for a proper runabout so decided to head for the Kilpatricks. Steve had the kids and unfortunately Jennifer is a bit allergic to dugs so they weren't joining me. I got on the "dog & bone" (corny I know) roping in Sandy & Louise whilst leaving messages for ptc* to come find us on Doughnot Hill.

They've  done some work around the Kilpatricks including some strange gate things that Sandy nearly got stuck in!!

The weather was very pleasant and the route up to Doughnot Hill gives you a good view of Lang Crags

The dug was havin a great time. I was a wee bit worried about letting him off the lead as I'd never had him out on terrain like this before but he was a wee gem not going too far ahead and sticking mainly to the path we were following. It was a tad windy on top so we only stayed long enough for a quick photo op before heading for some shelter.

By this time we'd had comms from ptc* who was approaching from Loch Humphry. Rendezvous point was decided and before we knew it the dug was making more friends

We got all the lowdown from ptc* on his latest adventure, the WHW Falldoon - mad but great :-) We will be watching his progress via the Spot Tracker with interest and have already made plans to see the teams in The Real Food Cafe Saturday evening. Any excuse for a fish supper ;-)


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