What the....................??????

I thought it was slightly amusing when I saw this the first time. But now as this now almost daily event continues I am starting to wonder what this gull is getting out of knocking the hell out the patio window.

Poor Jimmy the gnome is puzzled too....................


  1. Brilliant! You should send it off to Spring Watch and see if anyone can shed a light on why it would be pecking at your window. I still think its your yummy baking its after though! :-)

  2. For a number of years a pair of ducks used to do a circuit of the village, stopping to knock on some doors (ours was one of the doors).

    We would open the door to them, they would pop in for a few moments and then carry on their way to the next house, a dozen doors or so along the way. They used to visit about ten houses. They did this every year, and visited the same houses each year.

    I moved for there ten years ago - Now we are visited by black squirrels who scamper all over the thatch each spring.

  3. Not sure if the gull has heard about the muffins Jamie but reckon you'd give it a run for it's money to get at them.

    Great story about the ducks Alan and now squirrels, excellent. It's certainly been entertaining watching this bird over the past few weeks especially as it doesn't seem to be related to the food that we put out for our small garden birds.

    Should do a Jonny Morris version of this - loved his take on animal behaviour :-)

  4. Admit it, you had left a butty on the floor to taunt it!

  5. I might just try that when it's next here Phill for research purposes of course but please don't report me to the RSPB!!


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