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Caw Canny

Three months of limited load bearing said the doc. February 7th is the magic day for the end of that period. It's the start of the next phase and I've been getting ready for this. Using the exercise bike has been a bit of an eyeopener. So far trying to move off the entry level programmes for anything more than 5 minutes is not happening. I'm not going to stop, I just need to keep going with what I can manage and wait for the improvement to come. The carrot of the new bike sitting in the garage waiting to be taken out on the road for the first time is a not too shabby incentive.

The other thing that I've been doing is making me look like an absolute numpty at the pool by using an Aquasprinter Belt. Hydro therapy is well known to be the best for rehab in non load bearing injuries but with the the knee the way it is, standard swimming is a no no. This is where the belt comes in. So long as I can get deep enough water, I can "jog" away until enough is enough. It's giving both my lower and upper body a workout as the most efficient method is very similar running. 

Photo from the manufacturers of the belt in action
Just one wee problem, finding a pool that's deep enough and empty enough for me to perfect my unique doggy paddle without the rest of the public users of said pools getting p#ssed off with me chopping up the pool. Oh to win the lottery and have a hoose with ma ain pool.......................

I now also have proper physio to add to the rehab list. Had my initial assessment today. The good news, I appear to still have the strength in both pins. The bad news, I have lost significant tone in important muscle groups that stabilize the knee which may explain some of the ongoing issues. Now I have a dozen exercises to do to try and rectify the imbalance. Next session is Monday and who knows what that'll bring. My physio needs to speak to my surgeon to tailor my rehab after all this wasn't a straightforward repair.

I suspect that I shall be reminded that it is still early days so caw canny indeed.   


  1. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, Elaina. Still if that's the end of the first phase then hopefully there's a bit of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

    Chin up! Especially when you're in the watter.


  2. LOL Scott, ta for the encouragement I shall remember your words of wisdom when at the pool the morra ;-)
    Suspect at the moment your dugs would beat me hands down in the watter but it would be a laugh to try it

  3. You will always find a way to buy gear or a gadget! :-)


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