Beinn Dubh

I really haven't been out on the hills enough recently for one reason or another. Not a good situation when you need decent hill fitness for winter days. The weather people promised a break from the dirge for a few hours so kit assembled as it was going to be an early start to make the most of this weather window.

Luss 8am, still dark and raining!!! This wasn't what they had forecasted. Not to worry, it'll clear, the cloud will lift or at worst I'll climb above it. Oh how wrong I was. I was out, which was the main thing. I was assessing my fitness - not very, and I was getting in some much needed nav practice. I really must book a proper course sometime........

All the way round I kept thinking that these hills are so accessible from Glasgow, only 40 minutes for me on the bus that morning. They'd also be fantastic on a clear winter's day with snow. There's another three hills to add to this route that could turn it into quite an interesting horseshoe. Oh the possibilities.

As if by magic the cloud started to tease me, attempting to clear but it was stubbornly stuck around the 350m mark. I was just about down but kept hoping that it would clear enough for me to see Loch Lomond.

It looked like I was going to have a fair wait for my bus back to Weegieland. I had checked out all the various options and to be honest, most were very convoluted involving at least 2 changes and a lot of waiting about. The joys of public transport. I had a wander around Luss which I haven't done for well over a decade and it hasn't changed. There was time for coffee & cake before home, very nice.


  1. Eyup! Some Yorkshire bloke with a dodgy accent led me here. You're now on my 'worth a look' list, Elaina! What is it to be a pearl of blonde gorgeousness amongst a bunch of hairy-arsed blokes?

  2. Thanks for that Steve :-)

    We must get together for a wander soon


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