Best laid plans and all that.............

The aim of the day was Stob Binnein. We'd done Ben More a couple of winters ago so decided that a wander up the glen beside the Benmore Burn to the Bealach-eadar-dha Beinn and then onto Stob Binnein was the best option. My inability to get out of bed delayed our start so we didn't hit the trail til after 10am. We still figured there would be plenty of time but we were soon reviewing this as we hit the open ground to find that the snow wanted to play games. It was exhausting constantly hauling ourselves out of knee to waist deep snow. Realising that my lack of fitness was also having a major impact on progress I took the stubborn head off, put the sensible one on and said to Steve this hill was not ours to be had today. Still felt great to be out though


  1. That's a cracking photie.

    I failed to make it up a hill last time out as well - but that was my fault, because I never bothered to look at the map, and got lost.

    At least you had an excuse!

  2. Too MANY paths was your problem Scott ;-) You got some good photies on that outing anyway.

    I'm hoping the snow gets a bit more solidified before my trip to the Fannichs in a couple of weeks or we are going to have to seriously reconsider what hills to do.

  3. Aye, the holiday of nae hills right enough!

  4. One more day of the holidays left to see if I can rectify that :-)


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