The Hills are Stuffed With Swedish Girls

Strange title for a blog post but it's the name of the book that I'm currently chuckling my way through. For years I've had male friends go on about how they had met/were going to meet the Swedish netball team on their hill adventures. Richard Happer has combined this hill goers myth with that of another quintessential hill rite of passage, the West Highland Way and what a combination.

There are few books that make me laugh out loud but this is one that is making me do it every other page. I'll be sorry to finish it.

Maybe I'll just have to go on the West Highland Way again myself to see what adventures I can have to write about myself :-)


  1. That arrived from Amazon yesterday after your recommendation, so I'll let you know how I get on with it!

  2. Have you seen this by the way! The OS are so pathetic that they are trying to get rid of this book because the guys has jokingly copied an OS cover. Absolutely pathetic or what, you really would think he OS have better things to do right now and considering the worries they have of the public rights being given to the public they would be trying to make friends not enemies...

  3. "this hill goers myth" Surely not! ;-)

  4. Mmmm. Not sure what OS are going to achieve by taking this action other than looking petty. Wonder why the publisher didn't have the sense to get the ok first to use the design would have saved a lot of aggro.

  5. Hi there, love the blog, glad you're enjoying the book.
    Just to let you know, the OS are still serious, so I'm trying to strike back with humour...see
    Justice for Jonesy!
    My best to you,

  6. Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog

    Yes I loved the book and look forward to your next offering

    Good luck with the fight!!


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