Ben Lomond - 8th time lucky

This was my first Munro so many years ago I can't even remember when. It's my local hill. But until today I'd never had a view from on top. There have been days in the past when I knew on leaving the car park I wasn't going to see anything. That was fine, I just wanted out on the hill. It was the days with the promise that I'd get my view and didn't that fed my love hate relationship with this hill. January last year was the last time we visited just after a huge dump of snow. It was a mini epic due to leaving too late, loads of fantastically deep snow and coming down in the dark - fun :-D

The forecast had said best south of the A85 with cloud base over 1000m, maybe today was the day I would get a view. The route was inevitable, via Ptarmagin Ridge. For me the tourist route is only ever for descent. One day however I will try out ptc* route as it looks like fun, just not this time. From the drive in we could see that there was still a good covering of snow. It was all good. We knew the hill would be busy, especially as the car park was just about full. Maybe ptc* TV appearance had made lots of people come to see the wonders of Loch Lomond? Time to head up the hill.

Nice steady pace was set and before we knew it we had hit the snowline. We stopped for something to eat and put the crampons on. Time for the real fun to begin. I'm just going to put the photos up and let them tell the rest. Apologies for there being so many pictures, I just couldn't help myself.

The views from on top was breathtaking. This may have been the 8th time that I'd touched that trig point on the summit but for me it was like doing the hill for the first time. More photies.......

We spent ages on the summit just drinking in what we were seeing. It started getting nippy so time to head down. More photies of views. Oh and a few of us having our own wee sliding fun :-D


  1. You liked the pictures then Jamie? ;-)

    I have to say it was a fantastic day out, just what winter is all about

  2. Alright!

    I had just as much fun fixing pipes while you were up there...

  3. I bet you did PTC!!

    Your route round the back certainly looked an intersting winter prospect

  4. Aye! Oddly it doesn't seem as steep from the northern coire when you're in there looking up.
    I'm going to camp in there before the snow goes though, there's a wee spot that looks just perfect :o)


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