Kayland Apex Trek

Some might say I could be likened to Imelda Marcus when it comes to my footwear on and off the hill as I do have a rather impressive collection. I put it down to the fact that I've not got standard size feet, especially for a female that means it can be a sod to get comfy footwear. When I was alerted to a bargain for a winter boot I decided to take a risk on the Kayland Apex Trek
It's not a brand I'm too familiar with but I was impressed with what I saw when I opened the box. They are what they say on the tin, a 4 season B1 boot with what looked like a nice grippy vibram sole and an eVent liner. As always I had to endure wandering around the house in them for a few hours then looking like a numpty wandering the streets of Glasgow in them before I felt I could take the risk of wearing them on the hill. During these wanders my feet had to adjust to stiff boots again, something they haven't done for a year and thankfully there were no twinges from my longstanding issue with plantar fasciitis.

Time to put them to the test on a hill. I've only worn them a couple of times but so far I've been happy with them. For a stiff boot they feel light on your feet, 760g per boot. The fit with my Sole insoles is just right, no rubbing or movement. The lacing system is goood as it has a locking system to keep the forefoot laces the way you want them and then the ankle and heel is kept in place. The terrain I've had them over ranges from hardpack trail, bog fest, rocky path, grassy slopes and of course snow & ice all with no issues. The grip in snow is excellent and even on slippy grassy stuff there was none of my infamous arse planting with these big boys on my feet. I've not tried them with the G12's yet but they certainly did well with Kahtoola KTS Steels and Microspikes

At the end of both days my feet knew they had been in stiff boots but I wasn't screaming in pain like I have been with boots in the past. I suspect that will also improve the more I wear them and my feet get used to stiffer footwear again. It's certainly the first time that I've been able to wear a boot for 7hrs plus practically straight out the box. They wont be my first choice boot but if I know that I'm going to be spending half my day in snow these will be the ones going on my feet.


  1. I really like mine too. They seem to have a sort of roll when you walk in them which I think makes them less of a pain that you usually get in stiffys.


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