Beinn Ime

I needed a hill fix but had the ususal post work hangover. Destination Arrochar, Beinn Ime. There were a couple of options on the table, doing it from Butterbridge possibley taking in the Corbett Beinn Luibhean or a nice easy meander from Succoth. It would be decided on whether there was space in the car park at Succoth. There was space and as I had done nothing but sleep in the car on the way there we decided to take the easy option.

As you'd expect from a holiday weekend, it was mobbed but we had chosen the less frequented hill. It was looking a bit murcky as we approached but thankfully for us the weather didn't appear to want to touch our hill. It's great in that area around Bealach a' Mhaim, the views of the surrounding hills are just majestic.

Beinn Ime
Beinn Narnain
Ben Vane

We hit the snowline around 750m and its the type of snow we like, not to wet and hard enough to be able to take your weight. Bliss :-) This was where I started cursing the fact that I had forgotten to lift the camera and Steve had left his at home too. I was praying that the shots I was taking with my Nokia 5800 would turn out. I couldn't see the screen so it really was just pointing and hoping for the best. Thankfully they worked. The views from on top were phenominal.

On the route up we'd been recceing potential sliding, sorry Easter egg rolling areas after all that was why we had come up the hill ;-) You're never too old to follow traditions.


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