“Instructions on how to engineer an epic out of a daywalk”

I've nicked the title for this post from PTC who has written up the weekend's events to perfection as serialised here in Camp Freddy and Camp Coffee . A wee overnight wildcamp with PTC, Sandy and Phil on Sgurr a' Mhaoraich which turned out to be one of the best hill experiences I have had.

I shall put something together properly when I manage to get through the 395 photos I took and my energy levels get to a stage where I sort of make sense. Hopefully that wont be too long ;-)


  1. The write up by PTC was great. I was jealous reading it! I had a nice day Saturday, but I can't think of mnay better places to wake up than where you were.

  2. Neither can I Chris!! There is something magical about peaking the head out the tent to see the sun coming up over snow capped peaks. It's the best therapy that I know.

    Where were you Saturday Chris?

  3. Hiya! Can't wait to hear all about this in a few weeks when we come up! Sounds ace! Its great being able to see the geo tag on the Picasa photies too so I can see where abouts you were. I keep checking the album as they are slowly trickling on.

  4. A Corbett behind Glenmore Lodge - great views.


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