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This weekend has turned out to be a no hill zone due to my knee being  grumbly after last weekend's adventures and a heavy week on my feet at work. I should have been using the time to catch up on the domestic stuff that I have been ignoring for ages but that aint any fun. I used Saturday to catch up on the much needed sleep that my body craved and then confirmed my ongoing knee grumbles with a walk along the canal. My wee brain started wondering what distraction I could come up with for Sunday other than doing the dreaded housework. I had a sudden flash of inspiration - a visit to Escape Route could be on the cards to check out the Haglofs Matrix pack that I was considering. OK Pitlochry aint round the corner but Steve doesn't mind driving especially if we can stop off at The Real Food Cafe.

This was my first visit to the store but it had come highly recommended by Phil and PTC. As we walked in Steve started shaking his head and saying "oh no". I had walked into Haglofs heaven :-)) I didn't know where to start. I spotted the packs behind the counter and asked if they had the Matrix 60. I could see by the look on the staff's faces that my luck was out. It was at this point I started cursing PTC & Phil for misimforming me. We began looking over the stock that they had and trying on some other but none were suitable for the job I wanted. I decided to have a look at the rest of the lovely Haglofs kit and found to my delight that they had wummins versions of a lot of the range and in my size. I was getting giddy by now. I found the Lizard Shorts and just had to try them. I was over the moon when I came out the changing room as they fitted perfectly. What I wasn't expecting was to hear this voice say "they had better not be the ones I had asked to be put aside for me". It was Phil. He'd been working up in the area and had come in to get his prized Lizards. I  started shouting at him for luring me to this place under false pretences. I soon got over that and before I knew it Phil and myself were going through all the lovely kit with help from Peter whilst Steve stood looking on wondering how to deal with two gear freaks who were bouncing off one another. 

Peter then gave us a lovely cappiccino. Now this is what I call shopping. Before I knew it I had a pile of stuff that I wanted Lizard Shorts, Lizard Top, Box Cap along with some Sealskin socks and an amusing sunhat from Animal. I needed to get out before I spent any more money. I didn't quite make it. Somehow I just needed to order the Lizard top in the lovely purple as well as taking home the black one.

The shop had stayed open way later than they were supposed to. We really needed to go but not before Peter had said he'd get in the Matrix in red for me to try. Thanks staff at Escape Route for exceptional service and I hope not to cite you in my application for bankruptcy ;-)


  1. At no point did I say they had a Matrix 60 It was PTC (I think) !
    Had shorts on today at work just to check they fit (honest)
    Escape Route really is Haglofs heaven right enough and the guys are top notch too !

  2. I have to admit it's a cracking shop and great guys! Lovely cappuccino as well!

  3. Can one drive to Gairloch via Pitlochry?

  4. I resisted wearing the shorts to cycle in to work today, we'll see how long that lasts

    AT, even though it is a cracking shop it still didn't make you buy any gear!!!!!

    Kate - you'll have to make a hard choice on that one. Either a boring drive up the A9 but lots of Haglofs goodies to fondle or the scenic route up with grub in the Real Food Cafe. It's your call on that one ;-)

  5. Hmm, well, what goes up must come down, so we could take the A9 one way and the A82 the other :-)


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