Coffeeshop Canundrums

With no chance of getting out to play in the hills over the festive break next best thing is getting together with the gang to gab about everything and anything. Now the venue for this has to be just right and fortunately Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience has the right mix - a cafe that doesn't get narked at you when you spend hours sitting drinking coffee and eating cakes then causing chaos when you try and remember what you had when you go to pay and a gear shop to walk it off round whilst fondling kit and talking more. I'm sure it has its own time continuum as many a day has disappeared while I've been in there.

We had not a bad wee gathering with Sandy & Louise, Scott & Marion, Steve & I and Gordy and all of us confessing to not having been near a hill for a minimum of two months. There was discussion on kit, injuries, pending nuptials, weans and plans to get oot in some way or another.

So after spending an afternoon in good company I managed to walk out the shop without purchasing anything but with several things to do lots of web searching on for future purchase. Now where do I find the best info on front sus hybrids that are within my price range..........................................


  1. Aye, it was nice to get back to a big healthy slab of carrot cake, after the excesses of the festive season.



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