It's been entertaining the last few days as Steve has been toying with the idea of updating his phone. He'll admit that as far as technology is concerned he is sceptical about it after all," what's a phone for - to make a call!!!!" As he'd asked me about what I liked about my phone, a Sony Ericsson X10, I started to think about all the things that I use it for in both everyday life and when I'm out and about in the middle of nowhere. It's made me realise that my phone today has just about made redundant several items that I always carried. 

The first thing that got chucked out the pocket was my trusty Walkman MP3/Radio. Music goes everywhere with me. I don't always need it on but knowing that I can put the earphones in and get a blast of what takes my fancy or try and listen to whatever someone is drivelling on about on the radio that might constitute as news is like a comfort blanket to me. Having the ability to combine it with the phone and now be able to have enough music for a week is just perfect (ignoring the whole battery issue in this for the moment). Gone are the really old days of cassette Walkmans where you made up tapes to take with you on wild camps, now I'm really showing my age.................

My camera is the next item that, although not totally replaced by my super duper phone, I know that should I be so blonde as to forget to pack the camera I'm not stuck. It doesn't take as good a photie but I have picked my phone because it does have a reasonable camera that takes no too shabby a shot. The real upside of the phone's ability to take a photie is also its social networking capabilities that allow me to be a totally annoying so and so to my friends who aren't with me sharing the moment. Now who'd ave thunk that a couple of years ago!!

The item that has most surprised me in my switch from the old ways to the new technologies is my trusty book. A bit like music, I've always got a book on the go. Being a total bookworm as a kid and hours frittered on public transport are to blame. It was the main reason for me carrying a handbag and you'd always find one in my pack. That is no longer the case. I haven't totally given up on the trusty paperback or occasional hardback but since I discovered Kindle I find I no longer have that manic panic as I run about trying to remember which room I have left my book in. I started looking at Kindle after a friend had bought the reader but as I didn't want to carry something else I was well chuffed when I realised that there was an app for the phone. Even better, there were lots of free books too - result :-) Like my visits to a conventional book store I spent hours flicking through what was on offer. I downloaded a couple to see how it worked. I quite enjoyed reaquainting myself with Winny the Pooh :-) As I was in the middle of a book I parted with some pennies to download it and picked up where I'd left off. Here I had the best of both worlds, a book to curl up with on the sofa and a gizmo to pick up anytime, an absolute godsend when you're stuck on public transport.

These are the main things that I've allowed to be taken over by that thing called a phone. I know it can do loads more especially when it comes to usefulness in the outdoors in the way of GPS, mapping and compass along with alerting you when the weather is going to turn - just a wee bit too much for me at the moment.And like all things they have their limitations, mostly the battery usage and the requirement for mobile signal. I'm happy with how it is my entertainment and communication device and takes up significantly less space allowing for other luxuries. Time to go put on the shuffle and see what musical delights await me :-)
Irvine sunset taken with the X10 


  1. :-) Me Like! You'll convince the old codger to move on to Android. I would go for your phone if I had to get a new one. I'd go for Android full stop. But I am also a fan of the sound quality of Sony through Sony earphones too and the camera on yours is ace, something you only realise the advantage of on that day when you forget your main camera or to charge it or its card. To be fair the old codger did advance somewhat with his last phone. I can't live without my phone anymore, like you say it does the job of several devices including books! :-)

  2. I'm assuming you mean Steve when you talk about the old codger ;-)
    He has now upgraded the phone - HTC Desire - and is being assimilated to the delights of Android. Goggle Sky Map is the fave app so far but he has now started saying "bet there's an app for that" a lot!! Oh and he's got the weather warning app too < shakes head >

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Great phone the HTC Desire

  4. Oi, this internet thing can be read by anyone, including me!


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