Rehab Incentives

Realising that the bike might be the best way to go for me getting my outdoors fix while the knee is still subjected to minimal load bearing  got me looking at what I realistically might be able to do and what my bikes were capable of. I needed no excuse to start looking at new bikes  though I did start with good intentions by evaluating the two bikes that I have. My Alpine Bikes Ben More is my commute to work grunt bike that give me my pre and post work exercise fix, is very solid almost tank like but not something that you want to go any distance on. My GT Avalanche 2.0 (mines the 2008 version but can't find the link for it) was the insurance replacement I got for my nicked Trek. It wasn't what I really wanted and I've struggled with it. The brakes have never felt right which has meant I've not really used it that much. The tyres on it are also crap puncturing every time I took it out, not fun.

Initially I had my sensible head on looking at what was needed to get the GT to my liking as it really is not too shabby a bike. The search started with tyres and looking at the fact that I was going to be doing more on roads and hardpack than any proper off road on said bike with this dodgy knee. That got me onto planning some wee adventures on said bike and how a rack and panniers may also be required to aid these adventures. Slippery slope. Nagging away in the background is the fact that the GT is a mountain bike. The subliminal messages were working as next thing I was recalling a conversation that Bobinson et al had been having about cyclocross bikes and the surfing took on a new pace. Before I knew it I had a list of potential new bikes. Again, I was trying to be good by looking to see what was in the sale but was struggling to determine what size of frame I would require for these hybrid/cyclocross bikes. After contacting Bobinson he suggested that we go on a fact finding mission.  Suddenly this wee online exercise was taking legs and feet and my credit card was starting to sweat.

Bobinson had directed me towards Freeflow Bikes site and we were heading to their sister shop Craig McMartin Cycles on Glasgow's southside to get a shufty at the shortlist of 3 bikes I had come up with from looking at the Freeflow website. There was much deliberation and discussion with the very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  

And the winner is the Cube Nature. My size wasn't in stock so now I am patiently waiting for the boys from Freeflow to call and tell me its in. The laugh is though, the knee isn't ready yet for me to try it out on a bike outdoors so when it does arrive I'll have to contain myself until it is. Not a bad incentive to keep in there with the rehab :-)


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