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As time is going on reality is eventually kicking in and I am now resigned to the fact that I wont be out in the hills proper this winter, bugger. It's the first winter since I got back into walking in 2005 that I'm not getting my winter fix.

I have to be sensible coz if I mess up my rehab from the microfracture surgery it's a lot more serious that just not getting out to play in the snow for one winter. I have a daily reminder of that from my mother as her knee op wasn't so straightforward either. By the time she was 50 she had been "invalided out" of work and now at 67 has had both knee joints partially replaced. Oh the joys of osteoarthritis. Enough of this depressing stuff.

So what to do? The main crux of the rehab is minimal load bearing  for 3 months so even doing the simple everyday things like getting up and down stairs or wandering round the supermarket have proved a challenge. Being able to determine whether my rate of recovery is on par with "the norm" has also proved a challenge as the stuff I've found via " the tinternet" (dangerous I know) is so varied. Here I am  9 weeks post op still not able to do more than a snail's pace and getting very frustrated. My surgeon who thankfully understands the psyche of the fresh air freaks being an extremely enthusiastic road cyclist himself, had said that I could try an exercise  bike. After persuading my dad to give he his exercise bike - thanks grumps - I have been very gently re-introducing myself to something other than sitting on the sofa.

In the meantime I have my photos from all my previous winter wanders and those of my friends recent adventures to give me something to aim for.


  1. BUGGER, it all sounds ominous. my knees are giving me grief of late and don't seem to be getting better. perhaps its time to visit the doc.

  2. Hopefully the niggles with your knee are something simple Stephen. Have a look at your feet and back as problems with them can often cause the knee pain rather than it being the knee itself.
    Having a GP that understands sports physiology is a must or at least having access to someone eg physio who can do an assessment are a good starting point.
    Being a nurse I had at little bit of insight though orthopaedics aint my field. At least my surgeon is a colleague who will be honest with me. I just have to be patient - not something us nurses are known for ;-)


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