One step forward ......................... 100 steps back

I've never been a very good patient (typical nurse) but had been quite proud of the fact that I had remained calm and followed the plan for the longer than initially anticipated recovery from them poking about with my knee, that is until now.

Once I had got over the shock of being severely limited with all activities for 3 months, I figured that once that time was up I should be back on the hills a couple of months later. Best laid plans and all that........................ I saw the Consultant a couple of weeks before the end of the 3 month minimal load bearing D-date who gave the go ahead for  physio and for starting  some low impact stuff like an exercise bike and slowly to increase my walking. I was so excited. The physio and I had a long chat at that first assessment where I did admit to her I had a tendency to try and run before I could walk - if only!! It looked like my range of movement was still OK but what I needed to start working on was some muscle strengthening and stretching for the quads and hamstrings, deep joy. Being the good patient I started my exercises straight away, dutifully doing them every day, icing afterwards and in between times doing a wee 5 minutes on the exercise bike. I even got the pedometer out to start recording exactly how far I could walk. Wey hey we have lift off :-)................................... 4 days later Houston we have a problem.

The knee was smarting so I increased the icing and got back on the paracetamol. I was hoping when I went back to the physio that we would discover a reason for this, sort it and carry on with the rehab. If only. She was as puzzled as I was. The knee was more swollen and tender but what to do? We decided on continuing  with the plan we were already on and she'd assess me again in 10 days. So I persevered. I had a really good day where I managed, very slowly, 3 miles only to not be able to walk to the loo without extreme pain for the next 3 days. Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well the latest on the ongoing knee saga is I need to be assessed by my surgical team to determine whether something further needs to be done. That's scheduled for next Wednesday. The physio is stumped but wants me to continue with the exercises to see what one really aggravates it. One of her theories is could it be where my hamstring attaches into the joint niggling it. We'll see what the verdict is next week. Meanwhile keep taking the medicine.


  1. Not good :o( I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Ta Sandy

    Hope your asthma has settled


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