The body really is quite a remarkable thing. Mine however has a tendency to surprise me and not always in a positive way. It's now 5 months since my op and unfortunately for me, my knee is still not playing the game the way it's meant to. All involved are trying to remain positive as after all it is still early days. 
The annoying thing is that any activity more than what most of us active peeps would regards as a taster is still causing such acute inflammation in the joint that the ice pack is my permanent companion. Not really an ideal situation. The walking is totally frustrating as even a wander round the shops still seems like a major expedition.  Being able to go for a wee pootle on the bike so long as it's flat as a flat thing and I take my time is at least keeping me sane - ish. It really is quite fortunate that there is a few sections of nice flat National Cycle Network nearby and some glorious coastal views that are never the same to keep me from wearying. So fingers crossed that I'll wake up one morning and my body will have decided enough of this carry on.


  1. Sorry to hear the knee is still misbehaving. Patience is a virtue, but it does wear thin. Keep going with the ice m'dear. I've got my fingers crossed that youre mended soon

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Flaff

  3. We'll need to get out and explore some of this national cycle network and like you I'll be looking for flat stuff as it's a road bike I've got so cant really handle any ruff stuff.


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