The lack of posts isn't due to general tardyness. I'm in the middle of sorting out a huge mess of kit and other such stuff. That's what comes from moving house!!! I don't think I can hide my gear problem any more. I'm not sure when it happened. I remember my first proper outdoor kit which amounted to a pair of Zamberland all leather boots worn all year, a Low Alpine triplepoint jacket in orange, Craghopper baselayer and trousers along with a high street shop orange fleece to complete the ensemble. My rucsac was used for everything, not just hill trips. Oh how things have changed.

Getting ready for an outing to the hills was certainly a lot simpler back then. It does beg the question, do we have just too much choice of kit now? I admit I love having shiny new stuff which plays a large part in the gear mountain in what was the dining room but I'm finding it very difficult determining what must stay and what can be re-distributed.  In the meantime I'll just make sure it's easy enough to find while Steve is wondering if he can open a gear and bike shop..................


  1. Wonderful! That looks incredibly organised... My stuff is scattered in the loft, the chest of drawers, the attic room, the blanket box, Rachael's cupboard, Wilkinson has a complete set of summer gear (including tent), the downstairs loo (why???) the downstairs bedroom cupboard (Hmm that needs to come out of there - its a bit mildewy in there...), my Rucsac No 1, No 2, , the spare rucsac liner and the airing cupboard. Then there's the garage...
    And my office has the gaiters and socks (I don't know why either...) Oh God - I must find out how to use this ebay thing...

  2. I can fit all of my outdoor gear in just three of those crates! Shocking woman!

  3. LOL Alan, that room may look organised but you should see the garage!!!!

    TBH I'm not sure exactly just how much gear I have. When packing it up I was able to identify what amounted to one bin bag full that I could recycle. I do wonder what I am doing with 9 rucsacs and 4 tents. Moving has certainly meant attempting to organise it.

    The plan is that what was the dining room will be the very organised gear room so that it doesn't take over the rest of the house, except the garage of course

  4. Jamie two of those crates are just books

    Once it's all sorted I'll give you the crate count


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