Flamborough Head

We were back down in Yorkshire recently and we had a rare day where the brothers Morley could have a day out. We even got good weather. I'd never been to Flamborough Head before so we headed north. Steve had it in his head that we should pick up lunch en route from 149 in Bridlington who had recently won National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year. Best laid plans and all that. We got there only to discover that it had just closed. The good luck fairies must have been with me that day as they opened the door to my pathetic peering through the window. They didn't have any fish left but chips were good enough for us but they very kindly offered us what was left. What a result as we came away with fish patties, sausages and fritters. Thank you very much 149 :-)

Next stop Flamborough Head where we were greeted with blue sky and sea, gorgeous. We got ourselves comfy and had a fantastic view to tuck into our unexpected lunch which lived up to its reputation. It was time to go for a wander and enjoy this rugged coast.

It was really quite frightening to see at first hand the destructive effects of coastal erosion even when it is so beautiful. The seas were relatively calm during our visit but it got my imagination going as to how wild a storm could be up there.

As we were up that way, we decided to pop down to the RSPB Reserve at Bempton Cliffs. I had been promised that I would see puffins. What a sight that was. There were at least half a dozen of them among the thousands of gannets and gulls flying in and out of their little holes in the cliff. Absolutely mesmerising. Most of the time I can barely tell one bird from the next but this stoater of a bird just keeps you staring at their gorgeous get up.

I suspect that my next visit may not have as good weather but I hope that I'll still be able to see these wonderful animals in these glorious surroundings


  1. Love the Puffins, I've still never seen one! :-(

  2. You'll just have to get over to Bempton then wont you :-)


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