Ardeer Beach

Weather has been so naff that we've been keeping close to home.  We had high hopes for these few days round the holidays only to be mightily disappointed.  Cabin fever was setting in big style.  Time to make the most of what's on the doorstep during a brief weather window of opportunity.  We were really glad not to have left it to today.  You gotta love winter storms, not!!! 

Much of the Ardeer Peninsular is off limits due to what used to go on there.  For those not in the know Nobel made dynamite here as it was the perfect place to test it in the sand dunes.  It has however a fantastic stretch of beach so off we went to see how the waves were doing.  It proved to be an exhilarating wander. 
Steve on Ardeer Beach

Graffiti Ayrshire style, the slightly altered Rabbie Burn
Ailsa Craig peaking through the swell
Arran is out there somewhere

We went all the way along to Irvine Bar and even had a wee peak at the now closed teletubby land of The Big Idea.

Irvine Bar
The Big Idea
Looking over the River Irvine to the Harbour

We would loved to have wandered around more but we were a wee bit under pressure due to the time and the tide, not having headtorches and the tide was coming in.  Ah well, just another fun outing for Morley & Smith :-)

Playing with the tide
Last glimpse of sun


  1. Morley & Smith, sounds like a detective duo! :-)

  2. Well we were investigating the flotsam & jetsam and you were looking for a body ;-)

  3. Borrow one of our SARDA dogs next time you want to look for a body!
    Nice photos - 2nd one's fab :-)

  4. Fabulous beach scenes - handy to have that on the doorstep!

  5. Dugs would love Ardeer Beach, so much to forage amongst though I'm hoping to never find a body!!

    Ta Mark. A lot of folks round here probably don't even know that this beach exists which suits us fine. TBH we are spoilt for choice as we have several nice beaches within easy reach.

  6. Some wonderful atmospheric pictures there. Is there any way of viewing them in a larger format?

    Lovely post.

  7. Thanks Alan

    Not sure if this is any better, below is the link to the photos on Picasa


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