Fresh Air Fix

It's been so long since I've been out on the bike.  I also had the perfect excuse for making it a bike outing rather than a hill one - I had a new bike to test out :-)  I was very fortunate to do a swap of mountain bikes with my dad.  He had treated himself to a Trek 6000 back in September but wasn't getting on with the geometry of it due to his arthritis in his spine.  So he got my old Alpine Bikes Ben More which has done a fair few miles and been my trusty commute to work bike for a few years and I got the shiny new Trek.  Think I did very well out of it.
Trek 6000 2011 Version
For this outing Steve decided he'd try out my Cube Nature as the GT has been playing up and we haven't got round to sorting it out yet.  As always, the weather man had quite got it right.  There were more showers than we had been promised (none) and the wind was a tad more fierce.  The route planned wasn't that ambitious anyway so off we set down the NCR 73 heading for Seamill, we knew where we were having lunch.  So off we went into the headwind.  As we reached the section which is sandwiched between the Firth of Clyde and  the railway the evidence from the recent storms was increasing.  There has been a lot of coverage of this section on the TV as it makes a good shot with the waves crashing over the trains.  Then came the fly in the ointment, ROAD CLOSED.  Fortunately for us, the storms had damaged the barriers so we were able to sneak through and saw what had caused the closure.

The lure of The Waterside was strong so on we pedaled.  Riding along the shore was certainly exhilarating and bloody hard work so we were more than ready for refuelling when we eventually got there.  Afternoon tea for two :-)

The Afternoon Tea For Two taken on an earlier visit with Craig
With 2/3rds of our feast eaten we asked for a doggy bag for our leftover cakes to take home for later.  Needless to say the journey back was a breeze, taking half the time to get back.  Verdict on the bikes.  Steve loved the Cube.  I'd better watch he doesn't try and acquire it!!  As it's been way too long since I've been on a MTB I did struggle with the geometry so will need to keep tweaking it.  Other than that it was a great ride for first time out.  Fingers crossed the weather stops being so naff so we can get more fresh air fixes.   



  1. Is everything on the rack included in the Tea for 2 ??. If it is I may call to that establishment myself :o).

  2. Yes Stephen ALL the food on the rack is for 2. This was the second time we've had it and both times we've come away with a doggy bag. Price is reasonable too at £14.95. The other plus is it's proper tea in the pot that gives you 2 big cups. Well worth the visit.

  3. Nice day out.

    Can't wait to get back on my bike again when the weather gets better. Really can't be bothered getting up earlier in the morning to cycle in pouring rain and freezing temperatures, but gonna get back on it for my commute in Spring.

    That meal is even more impressive than the one we had in Yorkshire at that outlet place!

    "Steve loved the Cube. I'd better watch he doesn't try and acquire it!!" hee hee


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