That Was the Year That Was

2011 turned out to be not what I expected at all. Months of very slow rehab from the microfracture surgery had totally changed my everyday existence. I had to face the reality that my days on the ward floor were over and I was at the mercy of redeployment. I am thankful I am still in employment and even more thankful that I am fortunate to have been temporarily redeployed into the health improvement team, an area I have always wanted to work in. Every cloud and all that...... 

It's still unclear what the prognosis for the knee is as it takes about 18 months to know whether the microfracturing has fully worked or not. Next review is the end of February, who knows what will happen then. The advice given the last time was to keep trying to increase activity but not hammer it. Following doctors orders included the dreaded gym, lots of cycling and gentle re-introduction to the pointy things. The cycling has been great for introducing me to places I may well have never gone. I now have my cycle touring list of places to go. The joys of lists. Gentle re-introduction to the hills is very much still ongoing. It's been a one step forward and 5 steps back on that front, more so after being on Frank's Munro Completion. It was great being back on the hill, especially with a group of friends who haven't been out together on the hill for a long time. Nice to have a new Munro to add to the list though not so nice to realise it may be a very long time before the next one is ticked off. It's back to increasing the distance on low level walks and ticking off the wee hills until the knee can manage the big boys again. 

So here we are now in 2012, wonder what fate will deal me this time.


  1. Keep at it Elaina...the bigger hills aint going anywhere.I'm keen to join you on some of the easier walks given the state of my lung at the moment.

  2. I'm sure once this weather improves we can hopefully get out to explore some of our wee pointy bits. I look forward to your company.


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