Culter Fell

South was the direction of choice for today's Craggy adventure to one of the first hills I ever climbed - Culter Fell.

It was great to have some old friends from Outdoorsmagic, Ben and Jo, join us as well as Karen, Archie and spaniel Lottie.

We were surprised to be the only cars parking up when we got there.  Suspect everyone was heading to the snowy north to join the A82 carpark!!

It was a tad chillier, windier and cloudier than we expected from the forecast as we set off but we were clinging to the hope it would improve as promised.  There was still a fair bit of snow around but thankfully not too deep so the drag up Shin Fell wasn't too bad.  Unfortunately the summit of Culter Fell was clagged in and not very hospitable. 

As we headed for Moss Law it eventually started to clear and the sun even attempted to come out.  We stopped for lunch at Holm Nick and looked up at the very appropriately named Gathersnow Hill with its cornice.  The original plan had been to head up onto this but we decided to cut the day short and head back via Coulter Reservoir.  The thought of a hot chocolate in the Coulter Mill was calling. 

We had a pleasant amble back to the cars in the sheltered glen and even spotted a rather large bird of prey.  With no bins to verify, the verdict is out on whether it was a buzzard or eagle so off we headed for the much anticipated hot chocolate.

Mmmm, where's the blue sky???

Culter Fell summit view

Steve doing a jig

Sun eventually appearing

Blue sky

Lottie enjoying making her own snowballs

Gathersnow Hill


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